5 Latest Trends in Web Design

5 Web Design Trends

Web design never remains same. Every year and even every month new trends are introduced according to the demands of people. Web design is just like product design in which new and useful elements are introduced to reach the target audience. You’ll see that a big change can be observed if we compare the web design that was practiced a decade back and the web design which we practice right now. It seems like evolution. New languages and things have been evolved and those which didn’t have the capability to compete have been left far behind.

So, here are the 5 latest trends of 2013:

1. Typography:

Latest web design trends

Typography’s history is too long. It just can’t be explained even in a single book. But to make it short, typography has been there since the Bible was written. The art of typography makes any thing soulful and lively.

The internet has now become a hub of text. May be previously designers neglected typography in web designs but these days, it has become very important to use typography in your web pages. Large bold texts are what we see all around. And why shouldn’t we? Typography attracts one attention within seconds and making it big bold and colorful makes the idea useful.

2. Backgrounds:

Latest web design trends

Nowadays, all the devices have the capability to open every web page with every element prominent. The thing, when it comes to backgrounds, is that designer prefer big images or photographs as backgrounds. This is because these images load faster. Then, the photographs create a different impact about your company. They also make your website easy to remember and makes it relate to the real world.

3. Use of Circles:


I guess in shapes, circle is the one that is used the most in web design. It does not matter how you use it but the thing that matters is that you use it. Whether you make a circular speedometer or round thought bubbles or round social media icons, you probably should use circles in web design as it is one of the top trends these days. Actually the shape fits perfectly if you are designing for touch devices and that it is attractive also.

4. Minimalism:

Minimalism in web design

Minimalism is a kind of idea you can’t ignore. Its impact is so awesome that I suggest everyone should stick to minimalism in web design. Minimalistic sites give a great look and feel and actually reflect the future of web design. These websites look professional and only focus on the message.

5. Illustrations:


Use of illustrations is not new in web design. But now its popularity has increased. You might have seen many websites with beautiful, colorful and funky illustrations. Some are humorous and some remind you of your childhood. Whatever the purpose is, these illustrations always look attractive and appealing when used in web design.

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