Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials of November 2012

photo manipulation tutorials for november 2012

Photoshop tutorials broadly help the designers more and more every day and give them the way to design more beautiful and attractive artworks.  Today we have gathered roundup of “Top 10 November 2012 Photoshop Tutorials” that will help you to get some ideas to create these kind of creative work. Have a look below and enjoy.

Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop

november 2012 photoshop tutorials

Create a Surreal Flying Brain Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation photoshop tutorials

Hair Extraction Techinque via Refine Mask in Photoshop

hair extraction photoshop technique

How to Paint a Furry Cartoon Character in Photoshop

cartoon character photoshop tutorials

Draw a Rally Car Using Simple Brush Techniques 

rally car photoshop tutorials

Dissolved Ancient Ink Text Effect in Photoshop

text effect photoshop tutorials

Draw a Cartoon Monster Character in Photoshop

character design photoshop tutorials

Human Portrait Manipulation in Photoshop

brushing technique photoshop tutorials

Create a Syfy Inspired Logo Animation in Photoshop

logo animation photoshop tutorials

Create a Tasty Cupcake Icon in Photoshop

cupcake icon photoshop tutorials

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