Three Types of Video Conferencing Solutions That Can Help You Grow Your Business

In order to create and maintain a thriving business in any field of activity, one needs to rely on create, technologically advanced, affordable business solutions. In case a company has multiple headquarters or establishes relationships with business partners who are miles and miles away, it is imperative to learn how to cultivate and maintain a flawless communication around the clock(image via shutterstock).

According to Telepresence Options, “65% of CIOs believe that desk phones will be redundant by 2017, and 56% of global CFOs said that they would invest in video conferencing in order to reduce their travel needs.”

The right video conferencing solutions can help you save time and money, while enabling you to focus on the core of your enterprise and improve communication with your employees, collaborators and clients. Unlike other ways to interact with the people who are important to you, hi-tech conferencing solutions enable you to discover the virtually endless list of advantages offered by in-person meetings.

How the Best Video Conferencing Solutions Can Support Your Mission in the Long Term


When you have to get in touch with people who share your goals and your interest but live and work in different parts of the Globe, the best thing that you can do is to test the benefits of modern video conferencing solutions tailored to your objectives, specific needs, and financial possibilities (image via shutterstock).

The main idea is to be able to share your creative ideas with colleagues and partners who are not in the same room fast, effectively and without any impediments. Three main types of video conferencing solutions help you reach your goal: room-to-remote video conferencing, mcu-in-the-cloud video bridging, and mobile video collaboration.

According to Interact Technology, users rely on different gadgets to host or attend online meetings: 71% use laptops and PCs, 65% use room/group video systems, 34% use tablets and 33% rely on smartphones. Moreover, the same source indicates that 79% of all respondents use video in conference rooms.

The mobile video collaboration solution allows users to connect with their specific audience in no time, by utilizing any other type of video-enabled device, including tablet, smartphone, laptops and video conference systems. In this case, a high-quality video collaboration can become a solid ally for all businessmen who require versatile, accessible conferencing solutions to reach a broader audience.

The cloud-based video bridging service is another option worth considering. It comes with a wide range of benefits, including monetary advantages, ease of use a maximum level of convenience. This solution is up to 75% more cost-effective than standard hardware-based MCU, taking into consideration the expenses triggered by each alternative over a period of 5 years.

Moreover, the cloud-based option is compatible with the existing infrastructure; it is scalable and gives users the chance to engage their efforts in an unlimited number of concurrent meetings.

Furthermore, cloud-based services are increasingly popular at this point in time, taking into consideration the fact they do not involve the presence of on-site hardware and software elements that need to be managed by team members. At the same time, these services do not come with costly maintenance updates and contracts that usually dig deep holes in the users’ pockets.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, the room-to-remote video conferencing can contribute a great deal to your business expansion by allowing you to maintain an excellent communication with important people who support your progress, one way or another. This option gives users the opportunity to link their very own room system to a broad audience, using any type of video-enabled gadgets.

Experience the Highest Level of Convenience and User-Friendliness


The best part is that all three video conferencing solutions detailed above are extremely easy to implement and utilize. Businessmen don’t need to consult a cryptic manual of instructions to be able to use them wisely and make the most of flawless real-time interactions with remote partners, coworkers and clients (image via shutterstock).

Cloud-based services, mobile-friendly technology, the highest level of user-friendliness and convenience are only a few reasons why the conferencing solutions are a real advantage for companies striving to save time and money without making any quality compromises.

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