Responsive Web Design Tips

It was so easy to design a web in past because you have to design the website for only one computer.  But now days, with a great progress in the field of technology, there are a lot of different devices which have internet in it.  Designing web is really hard now days as compared to the old times. Existence of smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops and computers of different sizes has created a lot of problems for the designers to design such a website, that works and looks amazing on all screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design commonly known as (RWD) is a very helpful and convenient way to make use of pixel display. This thing has helped designers a lot in designing a website that efficiently works on a 4 inch cell phone screen and 29 inch LCD screen both. With the help of RWD a website automatically adds, erases and arranges content according to the given screen resolution. If you are accessing a webpage on a tablet, the website will automatically arrange itself to the most appropriate structure possible.  Its benefits include that you don’t have to design multiple copies of your site. Along with this, you don’t even have to maintain each version of the site one by one. This will save a lot of your time by automatically making changes to all screen resolutions available.

Following are some of the useful tips that will allow you to design a responsive website efficiently:

1. Make Use Of Fluid Layouts:

Fluid Layout

To make use of percentages in the markup of your website is known as fluid or flexible layout. It is very useful to design a good Responsive website that you make use of percentage margins.

2. Wireframe:

Responsive wireframe

This can also be called as the basic of Responsive Web Design. You have to wire-frame your large screen desktops as well as small screens before making markups. This thing would keep you updated about gaining the correct position of your website on large and small screens using HTML.

3. Make Use Of Position and Relative Absolute:

Responsive positions

You may definitely need to place a logo on the menu of your website. JavaScript is very useful tool through which you can easily move the HTML or you may also reposition it. This tool is very helpful to redesign markup visually.

4. Placement of Important Content For Small Screens:

Selection of content to show on small screens is also important. Try to show people what your website actually is. If your website is about spreading information, then you should keep providing information based on research.

5. Make Large Buttons:

Large rsponsive buttons

If your website contains a lot of buttons to be clicked by users, then add large buttons. This would help the small screen users to click easily without any problem. But you should avoid fat finger phobia by making the act easy for fingers.

6. Media Scaling:

Scaling media is a thing that you should not forget at any cost. Always scale media items such as images, videos, etc. 100% width would be ideal. But to do that, you have to know a little about CSS elastic video procedure. JavaScript also works to perform this task.

7. Media Format:

In past, selecting media format suitable for a website was a problem. Now days, it has become very easy. There are many software that select best format of media suitable for you.

8. Use Appropriate Image Size:

Responsive Web Design

Image size also matters in Responsive Web Design. If you are designing a site using JavaScript, then checking the width of browser would be good. Choose most appropriate image size that looks good in all screen sizes.


These are some of the useful tips that will help you making a great Responsive Web Design. A website that is designed responsively is way better than an ordinary website. It has a lot of benefits to the designer and website owner as well. It saves a lot of your time because you do not have to redesign website if a new device comes to market. It also saves a lot of your money because designing a site is expensive. With this, it will keep your stress less and will help you in gaining traffic.