6 Tips for Designing Awesome Stickers

When selling a product firstly you have to see the demand of that product in the market. If you are the person that is selling the product or is helping others to sell their product then the design of the sticker that is over the product matters a lot and not just the shelving. Marketers usually want their product to be at the eye line of the customer and thus they also want their shelving to be nicely designed, and the products too. If you want to design a sticker then these are the following tips that you have to keep in mind. Because it can make your product look good or look worse. Some tips are as under:

1. Simplify the design


Simplification of the design us very important because if you are forming a trademark line and it is complicated then the design is ruined. And the more is the complication the harder it is to grab attention of the targeted customers. Diversification of the prints, the colors and the statements that are very long also ruins the case. The stickers that are placed at the bumpers are difficult to get an attention on so the more the sticker is catchy and is simple will make it more attractive and grasp attention.

2. Customize for Different Target Markets


Every market that you target has different traits therefore designing the sticker and then customizing it accordingly is a very important step. If the stickers designed are for personal use then it could be a large statement but if the sticker is for the product that requires promotion then customization according to the targeted market is important. If you are planning to make sticker for the bumper for promotion cause then honestly very small group of people will pay attention on that.

3. Bring uniqueness in your design


Uniqueness in this course of line will help you a dozen. It means that the unique is your design the more people are attracted to it. Using shapes such as rectangle is good but the fact is that it has been used very much in the past so forming a unique shape and using color complexion to compliment it is a good thought. And this will end in attracting a lot of eyes to your unique design.

4. Think outside the box


It is not important to follow the line that is previously done that is mix up the background as the people want them to see. After all they are the people to provide you with the feedback. The standard is white vinyl paper but the color composition matters a lot. So the point I am trying to make is to think outside the box and attract attention.

5. Slot in advertising information


The stickers that are designed specifically for the promotional events and activities have different type of variations to follow. For instance, the company logo and the name can not be scattered through out the page so the background that is idle can be used by slotting in small ads which are interesting for the consumer so that is makes the design attractive. Because the ads popping up makes the customer wants to dig up the whole idea.

6. Make appropriate Stickiness level

Adjusting the stickiness is also an important point to be discussed. Use it that is good and effective for every person. The sticker should not be permanent but the stickiness should be of normal adhesiveness.Hopefully your product will do well.

Arfa is a freelance writer. Her interests include technology, social networking, music, and design and she likes to cover stories related to them.

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