In order to have a clean user interface, adopt minimalistic techniques while building it. Basically, by using minimalistic techniques anybody can use your website easily. Due to this reason you can consider it as a cornerstone in web design.

If your website is full of pictures & information, it will make your website sloppy & cluttered. In order to get rid of this problem use minimalistic concepts. Apart from this, try to use these concepts in an ideal amount.

Following are some tips to guide you:

1. Controlled Use of Fonts:

simple fonts

A well organized website consists of visible & clean fonts but sometimes it is observed that the websites does not concentrate on it & usually the web designers go crazy which is not a good thing. Always stick to one particular font for basic design, however, for titles you can use fonts and sizes that differentiate it from paragraph text.

2. Clean Navigation:

Clean navigation

Navigation is one of the vital parts of your website. Without navigation it is not possible for a person to browse your website in a correct manner. While designing the navigation always keep those people in your mind who are new to computer. Make your navigation as simple & easy as possible.

3. Proper Planning:

Website planning

Planning is very important because it is key to accomplish your task successfully. Always plan the key elements which go into makings of web layout in advance. Another important thing is first make a rough sketch of the components which your website should consist of. Once you are done with the planning of layout, you can add value to the website by using different strategies & innovative ideas.

4. Use Basic Colors:

Basic colors

Color has its own importance when it comes to designing a website. If you are not going to add color to your website it will look unappealing & boring. Don’t use more than two or three colors. Use one two or three main colors. You can use different shades of these main colors. If you go for more than two three colors it will look like a noisy rainbow. Mostly black, white or grey are used with one or two primary colors. Keep all your work neat & always focus on quality of your content.

5. Understanding:

Understanding Web Design

Always keep that in your mind that the website should be user friendly. Make its usage more simple for those who are non-tech. The content of your website should be visible & comprehensible even if someone is at a distance.

6. Use Properties of CSS3:


By using CSS3 properties you can give special effects. By using text shadow, columns, transition effect, border image, box shadow etc you can make the interface of your website appealing & interesting. You can also experiment these properties so as to give a variety to the audience. These properties will also help you to enhance the utility & appearance of the website.

The above tips will help you to adopt minimalistic approach for clean user interface. To design a clean user interface a lot of hard work, passion & dedication is needed. For best result months of proper practice is a must.