Technology has to be invented! A Futuristic Rolling Laptop

D-roll! A Rolling laptop is a next generation concept laptop design which is typically different and unique from the other laptops in shape as well as I features too! This is a long tube shape laptop, which is inspired from the storage tubes used for storing big sketches. Two working modes are offered in this multi functional tube. While using full function mode, the laptop is unfolded completely and all peripherals are turned on. The main display is turned off and a smaller screen, attached with main body is turned on. VC is a helpful add-on for capturing pictures or videos and Locking System can provide certain security to the laptop. Although this technology is still at the conceptual stage but it is an interesting idea of the future beginning. Set back have a look on “Technology has to be invented! A Futuristic Rolling Laptop” and touch the future.

According to the designer of this technology “Hao Hua” the D-Roll is a foldable design. The flexible screen and the keyboard are able to be rolled up and stored inside the tube. The video camera can be attached at the right end of the tube and the strap is able to connect in the middle. It becomes compact and easy for travelling. It even has a mouse and a webcam that you can attach to your wrist. This really is computing on the go at its best.

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  1. plz …………….. give me the information about the roll laptop designer and his photo and also give the exact date he was developed. plz………………………………….. send me my mail plz………………………..

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