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Web Design and Sketching: A Useful Guide

There are a number of foundational courses that are taught in different design schools. Some big agencies are using back-to-basics for design processes. In design field, doodler or sketch “chops” are used for exploring new ideas. Thanks to the analog power, it is not dead. In device

30 Adorable Examples of Bear Logos

Bear is considered to be one of the fluffiest animals. Bear used in a logo will probably add beauty to it. You can use different expressions as per the nature of your organization. You can give naughty, sophisticated, nerdy or cool expressions accordingly. Following are some bear

45 Cute Examples of Bird Photography

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures of nature. Taking beautiful photographs of birds is a really interesting, yet challenging task as they are very small and always keeps on moving from branch to branch. To capture amazing shots of birds, you don’t really need a

A view from all angles: Sell your wares with top-class images

You can’t generate effective sales online without using good quality photographs. The importance of the chosen images should not be ignored, because it could lead to reduced sales. And it’s vital that you remember to include several images to give the potential buyer an opportunity to view

Top 10 Easy Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Beginner Photoshop artists are always in search of something easy but elegant on other hand to try and improve skills, that’s why we have showcased Top 10 Easy Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners of all times. Hope you will like them. Enjoy

35 Inspirational Examples of Animal Photography

Animal photography is one of the most dangerous forms of photography.  A good quality animal photo depends upon the skills of a photographer and the perfect timing. Animal photographers are always ready to face the unknown situations. They need to work really hard in order to interact

30 Adorable Examples Of best HD Urban Photography ever taken

A city is full of beauty and entertainment. You just have to find where it is. With a help of a good quality camera, you can capture amazing photographs of the beautiful scenes of the city. With the help of amazing techniques like, exposure, HDR, etc you

15 Best Flash Website Designs for your inspiration

Flash has been around for ages; from the days of Macromedia Flash to Adobe’s acquisition. It is a platform that opens up a whole new room of opportunities and possibilities how website can be presented. Here we have collected “15 Best Flash Website Designs” these websites are

35 Amazing Examples Of Sky Photography

Sky is never an empty or hollow space for the photographers. A good and fine vision and a good equipment can make the sky look so adorable in images. No matter if, it’s a sunny day or stormy night, a photographer always finds something really interesting in

Inspirational Examples Of Comming Soon Pages

Launching a website is a very time consuming task. If you are hiring a group of professionals, they will also take few months to complete it. Meanwhile a “Coming soon page” is a good option. You will find a “Coming soon page” better than “under construction page”.