Tabbert Paganini is a deluxe well-designed mansion on wheels allows you to move about like a king. Sporting an striking exterior form, the gratification doubles up with exquisitely meticulous interiors. low profile stainless steel veins in the top cabinets and the table with real wood edge are visible and tangible proof of highest quality. Today we Showcase interior and exterior of The Lush Mobile Mansion (Tabbert Paganini Caravan)”. Let’s have a look and get inspired.

The bedroom decor will wake you up to the five-star standards. A Silver line package features side walls in wood-free sandwich design, where an insulating core of XPS rigid foam plastic provides more static properties, strength, and stability at a relatively low weight.

One of the most important new constructions is the Tabbert premium roof. With a thickness of 6 cm this roof provides optimal thermal insulation and excellent noise protection when it rains. The channels for the optional air-conditioning system also run in the roof. Through a special duct, cold air flows into the roof and then distributes into the air-conditioning channels and can uniformly exit at three positions in the ceiling panels. This technology allows completely draught-free cooling of the interior of the caravan.