Jan Von Holleben! A Dreamer born in 1977 in Cologne and brought up in the southern German countryside, Jan Von Holleben lived most of his youth in an alternative commune and identifies a strong connection between the development of his photographic work and the influence of his parents. Working on his series of photographs, Dreams of Flying, photographer Jan Von Holleben recently created the wondrous set of images as an addition to his Dreams of Flying Revisited. He created the photographs of a young woman and her idiosyncratic bed of dreams for German newspaper ZEIT “to create visual work for a feature on dreams and what they mean to us”. He amazingly transformed blankets and other everyday bedroom-type objects into imaginary but fun dream scenes. Today we have compiled the entire dream series of Jan Von Holleben which contain flying and dreamy girl images. So lets have a look below The Composition Of fantasy! Dream Photography By Jan von Holleben’s” and get inspired. Feel free to drop your nice comments.