The Big Ted! Technology Entertainment & Design Center (Ted Taipei Taiwan) is a public building in Taiwan that uses a form and vastly assorted program to cheer a large cross section of users planned by BIG Architects. The 57 meter cubed building has an open section to allow full public access through the building. The access rises and expands near the top of the building and opens onto a rooftop garden. The roof is to be a public park and informal performance area. The Technology Entertainment & Design Center is a dense urban block of all kinds of activities related to contemporary technology and media. The spiraling street of media programs is consolidated in to a 57x57x57 m3 cube of program permeated by a public trajectory of people life. The cube is finished in concrete lamellas serving as solar shading as well as public access. The lamellas recede inwards forming a generous public staircase allowing the public to walk into the frontage and all the way to the roof. Have a look on great architecture and enjoy.