Stunning Refractive Macro Photography


Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye.Refraction is that When light  travels from air to water it slows down as it meets the denser medium. Combination of both terms is called refractive macro photography. Here are some beautiful examples of refractive macro photography.

refraction 19

refraction 18

refraction 17

refraction 16

refraction 22

refraction 21

refraction 23

refraction 15

refraction 14

refraction 13

refraction 12

refraction 11

refraction 10

refraction 9

refraction 8

refraction 7

refraction 6

refraction 5

refraction 4

refraction 3

refraction 2

refraction 1

refraction 24

refraction 25

refraction 26

refraction 27

refraction 28

refraction 29

refraction 30

refraction 31

refraction 32

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  1. Stunning images, makes us mere mortals stand back in awe. Congatulations and keep ’em coming.

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