Stunning & Creative Conceptual Industrial Design’s By Nuno Teixeira

Nuno Teixeira is known as a conceptual industrial designer in 2007 he got award due to his awesome DRIVE SAFE Michelin Outstanding Design today we are giving you a chance to review his conceptual designing

FULCRO TV concept

Designed to give maximum display area. 4TB hard drive will let you import directly your favorite media from the web or digital television provider, improving the overall media experience.Simple dark and straight lines enhances the simplicity of forms and aesthetics.Fulcro TV adapts perfectly to any public or private environment.

DIGIT MP3 concept

20 GB of pure freedom of movements. No wires, just you, your DIGIT and your wireless stereo headset. Extra slim and soft surfaces make it more user-friendly.


MP3 docking station that combines top-notch functionality with an integrated amplifier and tall speakers (43.30″ ) to deliver superb sound quality.


Professional/game High End Performance desktop concept. Like the 2 & 3 concepts the suspended bridge-like body gives more cooling area to all chassis surface, improving dramatically the overall performance.


PLUMA means feather in Portuguese .

PLUMA, is part of recent concepts regarding high performance track bicycles.

PLUMA TRACK BIKE is made of carbon/Kevlar body panels, this way the surfaces are lighter,and more impact resistant. The overall shape will help the air flow along the bike body, and increases the athletes security by reducing the number of moving parts and tubes were they can be seriously injured – unfortunately, serious falls are usual during a  velodrome track cycling race.

PLUMA is a fixed-gear bike, and like all professional track bikes, don´t have brakes.

MYBUS – DRIVE SAFE Michelin Outstanding Design Award

MYBUS is a vehicle intended to be safer not only for passengers but for pedestrians as well. Comfort, passenger protection and safe interaction with other vehicles are delivered by new proactive safety technologies. Electronic stability programs, smart cruise control, brake by wire, rear detection systems, smart wing mirrors, and Michelin “Twell” tires are the newest technologies that can improve safety and comfort for the driver and the passengers.

VFV-Very Fun Vehicle

Cheerful, safe, economic e environmental friendly, surely the VFV will not let you indifferent…Although small, the VFV combines an attractive design with wide glass surfaces, being therefore extremely less claustrophobic, joyful and sportive. Its safety comes mainly from a massive deformation tubular skeleton, controlled in key-points (crumple zones), by a light yet effective armour against side crashes at the side windows level and by an electric motor that makes it much more safe in cases of collision, since it diminishes the risk of explosion. The VFV also includes parking sensors, airbaigs, seatbelts equipped with pretensioners and webclamps, drive by wire, traction control systems and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), presenting you with an excellent solution for everyone who cares about the car-city interaction.

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