Highly Fashion-Shot of Girls we want to see next door

Continuing my research about photography and its different formats I found some pretty nice  fashion shots of girls we want to see next door that I would like to share here. I really like photographer LinaDomino , who used all possible techniques to enhance and portray the beauty of models because it shows the photographers talent and also the model capacity of standing still to provide the best close to the image.   I hope you will like these girls to be in your neighbour or girls next door.

Some words from Photographer

Again and again, the images of our time together in front of me, just like that, out of nowhere … and every time they put me again a painful sting in my heart. Actually you should think, after so many months ago that they would slowly fade away or at least get cracking .. they do not have. It’s not that I have not tried to forget you, I try every day. A fight to win I can not, the heart is stronger than the head .. always! I feel nowhere at home, I never feel my life completely, I have always felt that something is missing … home is where your heart is .. and it is up to you.


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