Fantastic Examples Of 3D Characters Designs For Inspiration

Character Design similar to any other design method is best begun with sketching your ideas on paper. Constructing the character’s skeleton and then fleshing it out will open up your options as to how you want the character to be portrayed. One of the basic rules of imaginative, quirky, 3d character design is “Don’t follow norms!”. Mostly all creatures have 2 eyes, so try not to stick to routine. How about 1 eye? or no eyes at all? Let your mind run really wild during the illustration process and your final little cartoon sculpt will not only be exclusive, they will be much more fun to look at. There are some great software’s out there for 3d rendering. Some choices among many that you would have are Autodesk 3DS Max, Auto desk Maya, Blender and Swift 3D etc. So have a look and enjoy browsing through these Fantastic Examples Of 3D Characters Designs For Inspiration.

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