35 Stunning Sky High Landmarks: Tower Photography

Mother Nature isn’t the only one contributing to that beauty. Among the thousands of ordinary brick-and-mortar buildings making up the bulk of the urban landscape, skyscrapers are architectural and engineering marvels that rise hundreds of meters into the air, overlooking all others. NO GOOD FOR THOSE AFRAID OF HIGHTS, The raw size of a structure has the ability to make you stand in amazement much like Burj Khalifa in Dubai (world’s tallest building). It takes years of planning and years of building to create these Stunning towers that showcase magnificient design, Architechure, technology, talent and economic power. From different landmarks in the world from Eiffel Tower in Paris to Burj Khalifa in Dubai, We are presenting 35 Stunning Sky High Landmarks in the work.

The Black and White Towers

Hotel Gothia Towers

towers “el parque de las luces”


Towers of Gold

Kuwait Towers


BT Towers

Pisa Tower

Petronas Twin Towers

Efil Tower

Dubai – Towers and Palms

Petronas Twin Towers


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