25+ Outstanding & Attractive Infographics Poster Designs

Infographics: the visual representation of information or any sort of knowledge to deliver the message clearly. Early humans created the first information graphics: cave paintings and later maps. Today information graphics surround us in the media, in published works both pedestrian and scientific, in road signs and manuals. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form, and act as visual shorthand for everyday concepts such as stop and go. Today we have compiled “25+ Outstanding & Attractive Infographics Poster Designs”

N Korea Bomb Infographic

IT Security Threats Q1 2010

Mobile Piggy Banks

Saving Water with Style

Nation Spend and Save

Christianity in Australia

Wealthy Countries Tax Their Citizens

Euro Championship

Lakes and Oceans

The biggest malls in the world

The Conversation

Let My People, Passover !

Engineering Student

The Facts Of Heart Disease

Guide To Tattoo Removal

AdWords performances

The Power of Slacktivism

The Anatomy of Obamacare

Economies of Scale Exist 

Pasiv Device


Diabetes Alert Day 2012

College Freshmen Feel Academically

Wealth Compare

Religious Americans in a Secular World

Unhappy in the Classroom

Anatomy Of A Hurricane


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