The Top and Hot Girls from gaming world! Amber counts down the top 10 — as voted by YOU!

Number Ten!
Malon as adult and child
Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of time
Malon is a sweet farm girl that you pretty much only meet 2 or three times in terms of story. But every time you see her you can’t help but smile, seeing how she calls you by a nickname that she herself made up for you. She also introduces you to Epona as a child, so if it weren’t for her, you’d be suck with buying boots in bulk. Cute as a child, cute and sweet as an adult, I’ll never forget the first time I met Malon and her horse (not yours for the next 7 years) Epona.

(These may be the romanis from Majoras Mask, I’m unsure, but their concept art is exactly the same, so)



Number Nine!
Lara Croft


Tomb Raider SeriesAlthough I never really liked the design of Lara, especially how her chest seems to inflate with every new game, I do like the concept. She’s the Indiana Jones of women, jumps into danger without a second thought, packing two pistols and whatever else she can fit on that skimpy outfit and backpack.



Number Eight!
cooking mama


Cooking Mama SeriesShe has a cute, Asian accent. She is a master cook. And best of all, she’s willing to teach you how to become a cook, sitting through your bull**** cooking for hours, fixing your mistakes and still smile at you at the end of the day. Cooking mama steals the spot for number eight for obvious reasons.



Number Seven!
High Priestess Tyrande


Warcraft SeriesWhether or not her attitude annoyed you, she has a long history of keeping her race aswell as the world, safe. Although she spent most of her time in the game following Malfurion, this lady has done some epic things and doesn’t take any crap from anybody.



Number Six!
Yuna as she appears in FFX


Final Fantasy XYes, Final Fantasy X and that only. Yuna is a sweet, shy, quiet and yet powerful. She always did what she had to whether she found it wrong or not. Her awesome powers and sweet personality grant her the number six spot. Then FFX2 came out and she was shoved in a skimpy outfit and made a badass. Blegh.



Number Five!
Alyx Vance as she appears in Half Life 2


Half Life SeriesShe’s not a supermodel. And we love her for it. Alyx is the perfect girl. She has a personality, humor, and she knows how to handle herself in a tough situation. She’s Tomb Raider without the melons, all the junk in the trunk, skimpy outfit and the barbiedoll face. This is why she takes my number five spot.



Number Four!

Princess Peach


Super Mario SeriesPeach is the perfect stereotype of a princess, not to mention she laid down the ground for all future game princesses. Blue eyes. Long, blonde hair. Pink dress and white arm gloves. And we like her because the poor girl pulls it off. Not to mention she can kick ass. Somehow in the gaming world, peach get labeled a slutty princess, but I never saw it. I like her. Now if she’d only put out for poor Mario. Who knows what happens behind the gameplay.



Number Three!
Saria, the Sage of the Forest
Saria, the Sage of the Forest
The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time
Saria was your best friend, from the very beginning of the game. You knew this, even if you were completely uninterested in her. When Link left Kokiri Forest and Saria waited for him at the bridge, you felt genuinely sorry for her when she looked at him run away. After she teaches you her song, you can always count on her to help you out. And yes, I fealt really bad when she decided to become a sage.



Number Two!
Zelda as she appears in Brawl


The Legend of Zelda SeriesBeautiful, elegant, wise and the ruler of Hyrule. Zelda gets my number two spot for just how perfect she is. Where Peach created the Princess in peril of games, Zelda perfected it. She can kick ass in anything. Debate, fight, anything. Zelda isn’t the princess that sits around waiting for a rescue or stand and look pretty. She helps Link out on his quest and even fights with him on some occasions.



And the number one spot goes to ….
Samus Aran
Metroid SeriesYes, you all saw this coming, even if you didn’t see my Top 5 Heroes list. I’m sorry to be boring and predictable, it’s just that Samus is the perfect video game heroine. And for that matter, anyone who hasn’t completed a speedrun of Metroid and don’t look it up on the internet don’t know Samus is a woman. And a beauty for that matter. Samus takes my number one spot. She’s one heroine that’s almost impossible to top.

Samus as she appears in concept art of the prime series



I do hope you enjoyed my list. But expect a rant from me today or tomorrow, because when I was searching for images for these laides, more than half of what I found was just stupid and surprising.