How to Streamline Your Checkout Process with Mobile POS Accessories

One of the keys to great customer service is actually getting them out the door. You have to put in a lot of effort to actually get people through your lines, get their money, and get them out the door with your product. A poor point of sale system is going to hold you back. It’s going to make it more difficult to get people out of your store. You’ll have longer lines and less pleased people leaving your store. Your employees won’t know how to get the right results from your hardware. If you have a clunky, out of date POS system, trade it out for a mobile POS and the accessories that are going to make it worthwhile. Here’s what you need and the advantages they’re going to bring to your store (image via shutterstock).

Get a Swivel Stand

One single piece of equipment can make or break your mobile POS experience. Most people would recommend that you get a case to protect your tablet point of sale system from spills and drops, but actually the most important piece of equipment on a day to day basis is actually a swivel stand, according to Entrepreneur. This little device has the amazing ability to make interfacing between your employees and your customers easier than ever. All you have to do is make sure that your swivel has a way to attach to the tablet so that it doesn’t go flying (image via shutterstock).

mobile pos accessories Get a Swivel Stand

One of the things that people love about touch screen point of sale systems is how easy they make it for someone who doesn’t know the system to choose what they want. A customer without prior training can sign on the touch screen, select a tip percentage, or even choose between having a receipt emailed to them, printed wirelessly, or skipped entirely right with a tap of the finger. A touchscreen’s intuitive process makes it possible for people unfamiliar with a point of sale system to still feel involved in the process. Also, tablets give your business a modern feel. Even though tablets have been adopted into everyday life and more and more businesses are making the switch to mobile point of sale systems like the one offered by Shopify, customers aren’t yet numb to seeing them in a business setting. You get points for being innovative even when adopting a very well tested method of accepting and processing payments.

Be Able to Swipe or Tap or Scan

There are three main kinds of payments that you need to be able to take once you get a mobile point of sale system. This means you have to be able to handle the swipe, the tap, and the scan. First and most common, the swipe is when you run all major credit cards and debit cards through a card reader and accept payment through the tablet. This is an external device that connected to your tablet directly. This is how you will be handling most of your transactions that don’t happen with cash (image via shutterstock).

mobile pos accessories Swipe or Tap or Scan

Tapping is another way to read cards. It’s also a way to read digital wallets and things like that. This is considered safer because no one can even see the transaction information except the computer; this makes it harder for people to steal credit card information. It’s always better to have a harder to steal system set up as it will set your customers at ease. Steal fears, not credit card information.

Lastly, a smartphone screen scanner is important for anyone who prefers to keep their credit and their phone in one place. Scanning is also a quick, secure way to pay that cannot be easily stolen. It often needs a code to access, and the device never leaves the hands of the customer. It’s also very fast, even faster than the other methods. If you’re running a coffee shop it’s a very welcome switch. The sooner you get everyone out, the happier they’ll be which is why Food Service Warehouse listed speed as one of the top perks of a mobile POS system.

Get the Wireless Printer

If you want to put the cherry on the sundae, get a wireless printer. On top of everything else that your mobile POS can do, getting the printer means that you can print receipts for people who want them, but also so you can give them a choice of receiving their receipt via email or as a physical copy. People who don’t want to carry or lose it will say email, and you now have their email for marketing purposes. It’s the easiest way to collect email information in person besides offering a rewards card (and what small business still makes customer loyalty cards? Maybe when you strike it big!) This marketing potential is a huge boon, making it one of mobile POS’s ten best features according to Fil Entrep.

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