Conceptual & Newly Designed Multimedia Gadgets

In my today post for the remarkable gadget we find a fair some gadgets that are presently concepts. Some we hope will turn out to be reality whilst others we hope hang about on the drawing board, in this post of gadgets we report on both.
These are latest technology based coolest conceptual gadgets are providing new conceptual based technology and innovative proceed future from another coolest conceptual Gadgets. And these conceptual gadgets are providing exclusive latest technology based whole apparatus and these usable components for these conceptual gadgets are very lavishness and looking very cool.So lets have a look Conceptual & Newly Designed Multimedia Gadgets.title? and give us comments for our unique post.

Ipad Mounting System

The magic of this mounting system lies on its universal RingO System.And it is this universal RingO System which enables it to be mounted to almost anywhere with its accessories.Mounting is as simple as using the sleek Tablet Holder (available for iPad, iPad 2 & Galaxy Tab) and clipping it to the RingO System by just pushing it in.The precision-engineered aluminum ring clips snugly onto the tablet mount and stays there.

Future Credit Card

The appearance of this credit card is like no other- instead of just being a solid hunk of plastic, the card consists of a thin touchscreen. On the screen, data such as your account balance and recent purchases are displayed.

Memio Never Forget Anything

At the point of exit, many people check the time, get one final look in the mirror, and go through a ritual of making sure they have everything they need. Often these exit tasks are completed in different locations, consuming time as the subject travels around the house to complete them. Aside from the issue of error, there is also an issue of time consumption. These go hand in hand when the user is in a rush or distracted.

Evo Mouse

Two infrared sensors that form the eyes of the small animal-shaped device track the user’s finger movements to provide the full gamut of mouse functionality such as click and select, double-click, right-click, drag and drop and even multi-touch functionality such as rotate and pinch to zoom.

3 In 1 Iron: Washing, Drying, Ironing

Flexible Display Rollerphone

The body of the device is rectangular, but still ergonomic and user-friendly. The interface is linear and easy to use and we really love that sliding piece that incorporates the display. There’s also a built in speaker and microphone in the wrist band part. You can check out some other bracelet phones on our website, as I’m sure you’ll find more models to your liking.


The usual task of a wall clock is to indicate time and at the least, look pretty. What if we were to add laser beams, touchpad UI, WiFi, bluetooth and computer syncing? Now wouldn’t that be a rocking concept! The proposed Sundial is all of the aforementioned; a cool device on the wall that will beam you the weather, your appointments for the day, stock markets and whatever else you please.


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