Collection Of Coolest iPhone Applications

Today iPhone is one of the fastest growing market and one of the major reasons for its popularity is the number of apps available for iOS. Unlike apps that come standard on iPhone, there are other applications that you can download from the Apple’s App store for more enhancements. The proof of the popularity level of the iOS Apps is the milestone which is achieved by the Apple that is 10 Billion App Downloads from iTunes Store. Today we have a Collection Of Coolest iPhone Applications”. Lets have a look and don’t forget to write some lines with you comments.

1-i Translate:- iTranslate is the most beautiful translator app available in the app store. Talking about its translation quality, it supports 43 languages and translate not only words and even whole sentences into 43 languages. iTranslate will let you travel anywhere in the world without any worries. About 7 million people have already downloaded this app for their iPhone and made it famous. To get translation to your device must be connected to data networks.

2-Google Earth:- Google Earth for mobile is currently available for the latest iPhone OS. With Google Earth you can hold the world in your hands and easily fly to any corners of the world with just the swipe of a finger.

3-Bento:- Bento is so simple to use that it automatically synchronize your address book, mail, calendar, projects, recipes in one application. You can just copy and paste your notes without having to use QWERTY keyboard to type everything in your phone. This application is especially for those who are familiar with Mac Layouts and style.

4-Read It later:- This app saves much of your time when you are reading some blog or website. If you don’t want to read them now, you can just save that in your Read it later list and then you can read them whenever you want. In previous version of iPhone it is not easy to use but in latest version, thanks to the makers that they have made it much simpler for use. The app users are increasing day by day and going to reach near 1 billion.

5- Siri:- You can ask Siri for anything, Siri acts on your behalf and utilizing the best services on the web and give you simple and best results that you want. You can ask for personal assistant, general information, fun, directions merely any thing as you want to know the best restaurant in the London ask siri. It’s up to you what you want to know.

6-i Books:- This is an amazing way to download and read books, here you can download the latest and best selling books or your favorite books, you can easily flip through pages and bookmark your favorite pages as well as passages. It is worthy to mention it here because it is very simple to use as compare to others.

7-Pandora Radio:- Pandora radio is an internet radio service that is now available on iPhone and include artist biographies, songs you’ve bookmarked and the other latest feature is CoverFlow means it contain the song history. Pandora is a very powerful music recommendation engine.

8. Print n Share:- it is an elegant app that enables you to print e-mail , attachments, images , web pages to any network connected printer you have made available. It is very easy to setup and stable.

9- Speak it!:- the most advanced text to speech solution in the App Store! Speak it has now been designed to work with iOS 4, and take advantage of all the multitasking features.

10-Sudoku Cracker:- is a Sudoku Solver app that really works. No matter how hard your Sudoku is, our algorithm can solve it!

11-Music Quiz:- Rediscover your Music with the classic iPod music game – now on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

12-Music Challenge:-“Simply the best music trivia game on the iPhone (or anywhere else)”.

13-Key Note:-Exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Keynote makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping. Use full-screen view to present right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. If you’re presenting to a large audience, connect your device to a projector or HDTV and preview your slides and notes using the preson.

14-Pages:-Exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Pages lets you create, edit, and view documents wherever you are. Every page looks stunning and clear on iPad — and also on iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch, thanks to the high-resolution Retina display. Pages uses Smart Zoom to automatically zoom in on text while you type and zooms back out when you’re done, so it’s easy to write and edit on iPhone and iPod touch.

15-Remote:-Control iTunes and Apple TV using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad over your WiFi network. Choose playlist, songs, and albums as if you were right in front of your computer or Apple TV. From anywhere in your home change a song, pick a playlist or browse through your entire library.

16-MobileMe iDisk:- enables you can view and share the files on your iDisk right from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. (MobileMe subscription required.) 

Sign in with your MobileMe username and password and you’ll see a list of the folders and files on your iDisk. Select a file to view it on your iPhone.


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