20+ Best & Useful Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a most lovable CMS (Content management System) or you can say best platform to serve your contents like articles, images, videos or any type of media with the thousands of plugins. It doesn’t issue what you want to show on your blog, because  there is almost lot of plugins that will allow you to do everything which you think about or we can say WordPress always ahead to your thinking. WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to blog based on WP. When you are thinking about adding something else besides already designed theme like ads management, tags clouds, social network site‘s buttons or much more like this, that time some of programmers have already prepared plugins which you need to install and activate to do function as you want. Today I have decided to share “20+ Best & Useful Plugins For Your WordPress”. So let’s have jig on our today’s post and give your reviews through your comments also comment for getting ideas and info for your needed plugins, we would help you always. Enjoy !

Plugin Promoter

Anytheme Lock Theme

Nano Plugin Manager

IP Filter

WP Deals

Commentator Pro

Mood Rating Widget

Net Blog

Hot Fix

Sweet Captcha

Extra Watch


Ultimate Tiny MCE

Bench Mark Email Lite

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer



ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget

Highlight Source Pro

Pay With Tweet

Track Every Referer and Return In-Bound Links – TERRIBL

Demotivational Post

WP Approve User

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