5 Red Hot Marketing Methods to Watch in 2017

Marketing is much like fashion, and every year things change. One year, a certain strategy may bring in millions of dollars in profit, and the next year become completely irrelevant. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep up with marketing trends every year and throughout the year so that your business will continue to succeed. Here are five of the hottest trends to watch out for in 2017.

1. Customer experience

Regardless of the industry, customer experience is at the heart of marketing and companies do everything in their power to provide the best customer experience to their clients nowadays. To do so, you have to survey your clientele through a variety of channels and implement changes immediately. We can expect companies in 2017 to keep increasing their focus on customer user experiences.

2. Everything Personalized

From shoes to coca cola cans, products are going to be personalized to ensure that companies are focusing on individuals as opposed to groups. People enjoy feeling as if an effort was made especially for them, and more corporations will be focusing on this in 2017.

3. Video Content

Content is always going to be king. However, the way in which content is delivered is about to change. Blogs, eBooks, and articles, etc., are still going to be a major marketing focus, but video seem to definitely be the way forward. And with the recent success of games such as Pokémon Go, you can expect augmented and virtual reality to take up even more space in 2017.

4. Effective Measuring Techniques

Measuring your marketing has been an endless topic of conversation lately. In the year 2017, expect companies to enhance their marketing measuring to discover exactly what it is that his keeping their customers either coming back for more or running into the arms of their competitors.

One way to keep up with the continuous changes in marketing trends is to take an online bachelor of science in marketing.

5. Mobile Technology

In recent years, there has been a huge shift in the way customers are interacting with businesses. Responsive websites are no longer enough as more and more customers are using mobile applications to do things online. A mobile app provides your customer with the information they need at the touch of a button. Business phone numbers are no longer a necessity and more organizations are relying on their instant messaging communication tools to communicate with customers. In 2017, mobile technology will be taken to the next level in terms of marketing strategies.


Keeping up with the latest marketing trends is imperative to the success of your business. Without a clear understanding of the changes that are taking place in the business arena you will not keep up with your competitors. If you are a small startup company, or your business hasn’t been in operation for an extended period of time, you may not have acquired enough revenue to hire marketing experts.

However, there are ways in which you can educate yourself on the latest marketing strategies. One way is by taking an online marketing degree. You can work at your own pace, and implement the principles you learn as you proceed in the course. 2017 is going to be a year of strategic business transformation, make sure that your company doesn’t miss out.

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