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30 Splendid Examples of Transparent Business Cards

From past few years, transparent business cards have become popular because they are some kind of waterproof and also look amazing. This post is gathering 30 creative examples of transparent business cards. If you want to design a beautiful business card for your company, then you can

25 Examples of Use of Icons in Web Navigation

Icons are something that can be used in many places. You can place them on a website navigation, footers, homepage, etc. There are a lot of types of icons, they can me minimalist, 3D or hand-drawn. This post is gathering different icons that are used in website

20+ Impressive Examples of Corporate Websites

A website is all about conveying information to the people about your company and giving them appropriate knowledge. If you are willing to design a corporate website, then your first priority should be to deliver the purpose and feel of your firm. If you want to gain

25 Delicious Examples of Sushi Logos

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in US. You can find Sushi restaurants in almost every town of the country. Despite of their extreme popularity, their branding is not that easy. The logos need to be very different from other restaurant logos. So, for your

50 Creative Examples of Flat Web Design

With the advancement in technology, the trend of using flat web design is increasing really fast. There were times when designers need to add depth, shadows and other stuff to the image in order to make it clear on low-resolution screens. However, the modern world has got

35 Inspirational Examples of Brokeh Photography

Today we will take a look of photography technique known as “Bokeh”. It is simply to blur the out of focus part of a photograph. It adds style across the focused area of an image. Take a look of this showcase and you will get idea of

30 Fantastic Examples of 404 Pages

There are many pages in a website. One them is a 404 page. This page is made to make the user know that his/her desired place is not present on the site or he/she has searched wrong. For the people who want to add or make this

30 Creative Examples of Furniture Logos

In the following showcase we have several examples of furniture logos. Furniture is the most important element of our life. In our homes, offices, and other places, we use furniture to place our things. There are not many amazing logos for the furniture company or industry. As

30 Examples of Beautifully Designed Wedding Invitations

There are two main requirements of the best wedding card; good looks and personality reflection of the couple. This means that your wedding card must meet these requirements to please guests and critics. Another important element of the best wedding card design is perfect typography. Here are

30 Inspiring Examples of Charity Posters

Charity foundations are all around the world. The work of a charity is known by all but the actual work they do is not that easy. The word “design” has also its use in charities. All the promotional work, that these foundations do, need to have a