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Ambient Media and Print Advertising and Its Benefits

Advertising, now-a-days, an essential tool to promote businesses. Due to high competition and advanced technology, it is a quite difficult to survive and maintain a good position in the market. So advertisement is the best way to promote products and to enhance the sales, thus having a

Covert Advertising And Surrogate Advertising With Examples

Also known as “Guerrilla Advertising” simply refers to the advertising that is hidden in other media.Under this, the products/items are placed covertly so that consumers will observe them indirectly. Covert advertising is a vital key to promote and communicate the products by putting a terrific and long-lasting
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Tips For Poster Design With Examples

A poster is a simple and easy media which conveys useful information about an event or a product. While designing a poster for your client, you have to be very careful with the ideas and creativity. You can take help from the inspirations and examples. In this

20+ Inspiring Examples of Photorealistic Paintings

A photo is something that has the capability to speak a lot of words, which might not be said in speeches. Just like any other field of work, the art of photography has gained a lot of progress and a lot of new modifications have been seen.

30 Breathtaking Examples of Grunge Photography

Photography has got endless types and forms. Grunge photography is one of them. The art of grunge photography is far beyond the imaginations and what naked eye sees. It is a nice combination of powerful emotions and feelings. The Grunge images are mostly enhanced and heavily edited

30 Interesting Examples of Gadget Photography

Remember those times when you woke up as a child during the Christmas. Remember the excitement that used to vibrate your bones when you were heading towards the tree to open gifts. Now, The same excitement and curiosity happens when you find out that a new gadget

30 Fascinating Examples of Surreal Photography

Surreal photography is about the person’s thoughts, what he is thinking? It is also about the fantasy. It is one the awesome techniques of photography. I hope you will like and enjoy this post which is gathering amazing examples of surreal photography for your inspiration.

35 Inspirational Examples of Brokeh Photography

Today we will take a look of photography technique known as “Bokeh”. It is simply to blur the out of focus part of a photograph. It adds style across the focused area of an image. Take a look of this showcase and you will get idea of

30 Inspiring Examples of Charity Posters

Charity foundations are all around the world. The work of a charity is known by all but the actual work they do is not that easy. The word “design” has also its use in charities. All the promotional work, that these foundations do, need to have a

35+ Inspiring Examples of Portrait Photography

Taking wonderful portrait photos require a lot of technical skills and right knowledge about portraits. The more modern and good equipment you have, the better your photos would be. In portrait photography, the focus is mainly on the face or, simply, expressions of a person. The person