Mysterious & Fabulous Conceptual Widescreen Fantasy Artwork

Artist name is Andrée Wallin, He’s 27 years old and He live and work in Sweden. He begin commissioned work in 2006 and was able to make it a full-time profession in 2008. Since then he’ve been involved in many different projects and in many different areas of production. he’s currently working as a freelancer but he have no problem with in-house work whenever he’s available.I hope these artworks will inspire you.

Swamp fever



Searching 2

The chase

Postapocalyptic city

Deep Impact

Ghetto enviro


Futuristic ghetto

Big robots

WWII Enviro

Dragon vs. Soldiers

Character sketches


Starship Factory

District 10

Sci-Fi City

New Mill City

You and Me

Organic Valley

One Way

Office bot

Mountain serenity

Split Second

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