Life In Paintings! 30 Best Examples Of Street Painting Art


Ok let’s have a Intro of Street Painting! Street painting is an extension of fine art. Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street Painters, (also called chalk artists). Many of Artists had been brought into the cities to work on the huge cathedrals. When the work was done, they needed to find another way to make a living, Street painting is an art of expressing the life into colors with the help Brushes and chalks. In 1972, a street painting was being promoted again by the formation of a festival in Italy and today the performance art-form is recognized all over the world.

In this post we have exhibited the Life In Paintings! 30 Best Examples Of Street Painting Art”. This is a compilation of amazing work of art paintings with a 3d view twist creating an astonishing optical illusion. These artworks will surely hypnotize your imagination. Take a peek and let your eyes indulge in these wonderful masterpieces.

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