Cosplay or “costume play” is type of performance art in which participants use costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. The term cosplay applies to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context. Here are very gorgeous examples of cosplay that will really fascinate you.



The power of love….that brought forth the fight in her, the power of love that pushed adoration into her eyes…

The power of love that she felt in her arms. It was rhythmic… in tune with every single day like a heartbeat. It was never to be missed, until the heart held in Uranus’s arms… in her soul… would pass away. The heart was felt, and the love was the life in her arms.



Just so you all know, it was a really comfy shoot. No awkwardness of course as usual.

We’ve been good friends going on five years now or something like that, and only had two arguments in that time.



I never get tired of that line. Wanna go out on a date?????

Cause…we’re married, but it was FUNNY TO ME!

It was a really fun cosplay, Roxas had to help me get down off of the windowsill though, I couldn’t move around in those boots to save my life.



…..When Lloyd had been shoved down face first by a very hard blow. He felt the straps on his collar getting pulled on… and began to sit up, only to be stopped by a solid mass…
Lloyd was trying to get up, and heard a deep voice in his ear, “Oh… well aren’t you compromising me.”

His face went dark red…. having a split second to realize that Zelos had pushed him flat on his face and was now… riding on his back.
Pushing him off as he sat up, he said. “what are you doing!?”

“Don’t you know better than to talk to me like that! I was just getting tired of walking.” Zelos’s face was so hurt “Save a horse, ride a hero.”…..






Naruto was feeling posessive, and there was little moment to spare on that feeling. The battlefield was so intense that there was less brevity in his situation than the close cut call that was being experianced everywhere.

Yet of all the people, he would find his heart defending the one who had hurt him the most.
How ironic.



It was fun strutting the stuff and being beyond godly while simotaniously breaking Death’s mask by being beyond ungraceful…. xD!



….We’ve lost nearly three BILLION dollars discharging gays from the military, there’s hundreds and hundreds of hatred assaults going on every minute all across the nation, people are DYING for being a sexuality people can’t adopt, people can’t get married, people are being buried alive.

Yeah…we’re totally doing so much better….



Anbu Naruto from Sakura Con 2007



Feel the love coming through the picture.

Reminds the Japanese call, “The Red String of Love.”



Don’t dream your life… Live with your dreams !



Naruto’s mouth just barely peeked open as he inhaled fully the scent of fresh air….

Something that he was getting used to….
His fingertips began to tap on what was a very sturdy wooden bridge as he and Sasuke waited patiently for their sensei to arrive.

The silence that remained was a huge gap between the two. Naruto purposefully interlocked his hand against Sasuke’s as he felt his head tilt forwards quietly without a word. He spread his legs far to steady himself, and missed, completely missed, the appreciative gaze sent to him from his teammate. Probably best that he missed these things, his ego could not have gotten any bigger. Among other things….

“You’ve grown.” The voice left an impressed tone.

Naruto breathed out.
The rest of the silence was pleasurable after that.







Sometimes the world could just stop, sometimes you could still feel his presence, when the people all around were barely there.

It’s not quite the same, but it was only sometimes, and sometimes, was better than nothing at all.



Everything was not something you give lightly, and sometimes, everything can’t be promised.

In those moments, when you know you cannot give your all, you give all that you can. The words were hollow, and the truth was there, shed in tears of blistered bitter resentment. Spilled emotion like having a bucket of water to tow around, it was excessive, but since when had the boy ever been anything of the norm?

Everything he had ever expected to be able to see in his son. Everything he had hoped to see in this moment, when the time would come that he would return, to give him everything he could, given all circumstances.

How life resented him.

The power, more than anything, had changed his child’s for the best, it was all for the best.

His father wanted nothing but, the best. He had granted him that, sometimes, having that kind of power, to become that kind of person, the kind of person who could be bigger, stronger, faster, required the insight to know, that you only have so many chances to make the correct choice.

An Instinct, perhaps even a flare of insight into the future, had caused this moment to come, and it had brought about so many more victories than it had ever brought failures.

Because in the end, Yondaime knew his son, and only wanted to give him everything.

He had made his choice, and he still believed in his son, he believed in the power of justice, the right to fight the power inside, the right to your own will, your free choice.