Facebook Timeline Still veiled For Many Users! Get It now

Most of regular facebook users are waiting for Timeline, developers are signing up in large numbers. A Facebook diplomat said that about 1.5 million people are already using Timeline as part of the social network’s beta test open exclusively to facebook application developers. Many of facebook user are really wish to have a timeline but unable to get it. So here is a good news for facebook user, today we are going to share a post about facebook timeline. Have a look on our today’s post “Facebook Timeline Still veiled For Many Users! Get It now” and get a facebook timeline now. Feel free to leave your comments. 

 Step 1:- Search the Facebook Developer App.

Step 2:- Allow access to the permission that the developer application requests and allow it.

Step 3:- Create a new app

Step 4:- Enter the unique name of your app and click on continue. Once you have done you can change the name later.

Step 5:- Simply hit the save changes button. there is nothing to change in it.

Step 6:- After hitting the save changes button you will need to click on open graph which is located on the left side. Here you need to classify an action . Choose some thing simple like “read” a “book” or “watch” a “movie”.

Step 7:- After Classifying the action you’ll be navigated to the following screen shot. there is nothing to do in it just hit save & finish button.

Step 8:- Once you have clicked the save & finish you will be taken to the following screen shot. we have almost done to the developer app.

Step 9:- Now go back to your facebook home page here you will find the Dialogue box. simply hit the get it now button as shown in following screen shot.

Step 10:- After hitting the button a publish dialogue will be appear just hit it or you can take the tour to learn more in timeline.

Hurrah you have done it see your profile in a timeline design.


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