Eye Catching & Fantastic Artwork Of Peter Westermann

We are going to present most beautiful and natural looking artwork for your inspiration. Seriously awesome and great looking, These art and goods are very famous and people love to see and buy only because of the attraction and nice color combinations. Let’s read some about our today’s artist.
My name is Peter Westermann.I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and spent most of my time growing up in the surrounding area. I’m currently a part time student trying to finish up my degree in artwork and graphic communication at Carroll College. My skills include digital art and design, human interface design, knife throwing, moving with stealth, and Okinawan karate.

My current art practice combines a variety of mediums , including photography, airbrushing, digital art color mixing, line art and geometric design using fractal-based mathematics.

I have many thoughts and views on the function and role of art in society. Above all, I feel that many people ignore and undermine the importance of art in society. Art comes in many forms, and most of us have formed connections with an artform in one way or another. It has the power to transform people and entire societies in positive ways. It can inspire in an endless amount of ways, pulling the energy and potential out of others and pushing them even further than those who came before. Art can serve as mirror for human thought and potential, and I create mine with these things in mind. It’s a portal to the never-ending expansion of human consciousness and capacity. It’s my hope that I can develop my skills far enough that I might change some existing ideas concerning art and design. Now have a look on  Eye Catching & Fantastic Artwork Of Peter Westermann.

Night Drive

Fall Into Winter

Moment of Clarity

New Day

Eye of God Wall Mural


Third Eye Wall Mural




Red And Yellow



Spring Lotus

Larger Than Life


Conscious Park


Afternoon With The Axolotls

Third Eye


Night Dreams

Left Behind



Processo Fun Folding


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