Covert Advertising And Surrogate Advertising With Examples

Also known as “Guerrilla Advertising” simply refers to the advertising that is hidden in other media.Under this, the products/items are placed covertly so that consumers will observe them indirectly. Covert advertising is a vital key to promote and communicate the products by putting a terrific and long-lasting impact on the people’s mind.

Covert advertising helps to increase the sale volume and enhances profitability of the company. It helps to create awareness among the people about different products, brands through entertaining Medias like movies, games, TV serials, shows, music videos and much more. Covert advertising is very sneakier as it is exposed to the general public subtly.

Also, covert advertising is used widely as it is time-efficient as well as cost-effective. Covert advertising is performing very essential role in the modern competitive era. Covert advertising is widely adopted by film-makers, corporates and advertisers. It’s also becoming an important part of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication).

Various examples of guerrilla advertising can be seen like- Promotion of “Mountain Dew” product in films like “Bang Bang” or “Mission Istanbul”, the marketing of “Dominos Pizza” in “Phir  Hera Pheri”, “Bournvita” in “Koi Mil Gya” and lots of more examples can be placed. These are-








Super Bowl-Advertising-PepsiCo


Surrogate Advertising

“Surrogate advertising” is a duplicate advertising of a brand’s product in the disguise form in order to enhance the marketing of another product of the same company. Surrogate advertising is generally used to promote the banned products like alcohol and cigarettes for increasing the sales and thus the profit margin.

In India, manufacturing of the liquor or tobacco products are legally allowed but their advertisement is strictly banned and is illegal to promote them through public media, thus, calling the need for surrogate advertising. Many companies in India adopts surrogate advertising like- Kingfisher, Wills, Bacardi, Manikchand, Seagram etc.

Surrogate advertising is a way to convey the message of a particular product simply by advertising complementary products like music CD’s, soda-bottles, mineral waters,fruit juices and a lot more of the same brand.Kingfisher is highly promoting their whiskies and beers through sponsoring of sports and cultural activities.

Surrogate advertising also have some bad effects like- it promotes underage drinking, sometimes prove to be dishonest and false in certain cases,promotion of these products are injurious to health, highly affects the ethical and social norms. Some examples are-





surrogate11 surrogate10










So, Here you came to know about the covert and surrogate advertising with some examples clarifying them properly.


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