Ambient Media and Print Advertising and Its Benefits

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Advertising, now-a-days, an essential tool to promote businesses. Due to high competition and advanced technology, it is a quite difficult to survive and maintain a good position in the market. So advertisement is the best way to promote products and to enhance the sales, thus having a better financial standing in the competitive world. Now we will talk about the ambient advertising in detail.


A highly littered and competitive advertising, simply refers to placing unique ads at unusual places or strange items. The term “Ambient advertising” was in earlier nineties when client started demanding “a white difference” in advertising from the advertising agencies.A creative and innovative advertising way that can be found anywhere or everywhere youhaven’t expected or thought of. It’s too shocking and even funny too but this is the fact. Ambient advertising is a way to interact with targeted markets through unconventional means.It’s just an outdoor advertising nothing else.

The main reasons for adapting this type of advertisement is that it makes the ads more eye-catching and impactful. It also provides versatility and flexibility. The main growth of Ambient Advertising is also due to rapid demand for point-of-sale communications.

It lets you toproject immense images either on outdoor places, edges of buildings or messages on pizza boxes, sandwich bags, air balloons and many more. Ambient advertising just requires the optimum media to combine it with the effective messages for making it more responsive.

The ambient advertising focuses on 4 I’s that are:

  • Intelligence-building brand’s image through smart advertisement.  As audience is enough rational and open-minded, so messages behind the advertisement must be consistent.
  • Innovation-exploring new and creative ideas to make communication quite effective and the responsive one.
  • Interest-triggering attention for the product in viewers’ mind when their intelligence resonate with innovative ads.
  • Intimation-Putting limited but meaningful and interesting information about the products so that customers show keen interest in figuring more about the product’s benefits.


  • Helps to enhancethe sales as well as brand image.
  • Speeds up the Return on Investmentwith low advertising costs.
  • Creates ever-lasting impact on people’s mind.
  • Spreads quickly and effectively.
  • Useful media channel to captivate audience.
  • Placement of billboard ads anywhere you think the best.
  • Shoots up shares value in market.
  • Provides wide area coverage.
  • Cost-effective advertising method.
  • Promotes visibility.


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So, here we discussed a detailed article upon ambient advertising right from its meaning to advantages in today’s competitive era.

Arfa is a freelance writer. Her interests include technology, social networking, music, and design and she likes to cover stories related to them.

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