conceptual photo copy

Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. In this post you will find art of photo manipulation on different concepts. These images are unique and amazing.

Cut off lips

Resize Wizard-1

Love sucks

Resize Wizard-2


Resize Wizard-3


Resize Wizard-4

The monster in the mirror

Resize Wizard-5

I have been flying ever since

Resize Wizard-6

Breath life

Resize Wizard-7

State of mind

Resize Wizard-8


Resize Wizard-9

Me and we

Resize Wizard-10

Time flies

Resize Wizard-11

Have you ever been on the sky

Resize Wizard-12

The absence of sound

Resize Wizard-13


Resize Wizard-14


Resize Wizard-15

The bright side of earth

Resize Wizard-16

Inner quarrel

Resize Wizard-17

You could have have it all

Resize Wizard-18

Still life

Resize Wizard-19

A change of perspective

Resize Wizard-20

I am busy call you later

Resize Wizard-21

The born of the forest

Resize Wizard-22


Resize Wizard-23

Heart shaped box

Resize Wizard-24

Trapped in dreams

Resize Wizard-25

Falling hearts

Resize Wizard-26


Resize Wizard-27

Don’t smoke

Resize Wizard-28

Stop time

Resize Wizard-29

Put your records on

Resize Wizard-30